S T . V A L E N T I N E

It should be, by this point in my life, no surprise that Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. Don't get me wrong, Arbor Day is pretty cool too, but lerd help me if I don't love pink and red and chocolate and champagne and hearts and friends and lovers and pink and fluffies and tulle and pearls and candy flowers and fake flowers and fondue and...you get the idea. I adore the idea of spreading love and happiness and showing appreciation for those you care for, significant other present or not. 

This V-day, Georgiy and I are escaping to DC--one of my favorite places--to check out the Renwick gallery I've been dying to see. In preparation for my fave fake holiday, I needed to get my outfit details in check. BUT OH WAIT. I CAN'T WEAR ANYTHING ADORABLE AND SKIMPY AT ALL BECAUSE IT WILL BE A WHOPPING 7 DEGREES IN DC. COOL MOTHER NATURE. REAL COOL. LITERALLY. 

So thank goodness I styled this Valentine's date look with the lovely Jenny Wolf of Janpim Wolf Photography. If I can't wear it in real life (yet!) then it might as well be in pretend blog land, right? Right. This look is perfect for date night with the SO, drinks with the Galentines, gallery hoppin, or champagne drankin by yourself with your cat while you watch 30 Rock. Here she blows:

Don't be afraid to mix hues that are close in color...People always shy away from hues that are similar or one shade off, but I think it looks smart and makes you look like you know what you're doing. And yes, I do mix black and navy. These pinks and purples are just close enough to work together seamlessly.

This lilac NastyGal romper screamed my name in our last trip to Santa Monica. I'm a sucker for anything in this shade of purple, with a flutter sleeve, and a sweetheart neckline that makes my left boob look real good. ;) It was a perfect storm, really. And combine that with a gangster tulle skirt from Net-A-Porter, you get a tsunami of cute.

I picked up this ridiculous pearl studded dress coat at my fave Buffalo Exchange on Magazine in NOLA. I tried it on one day, then decided against it. Then went back the next, and it was still there in all its pearl studded glory, and I decided yea, I need that. I'm so sorry I ever doubted you, crazy pearl coat with a fluffy skirt thing attached to it. I call it my, "I Don't Get Carded While Wearing It" coat. Mostly because I think it makes me look like a well to-do Spanish Editor from Barcelona. Ole!  

Hope all you kittens had a wonderful day. Only 363 days left till next year!! <3<3<3

Thanks to Janpim Wolf Photography for the lovely pics.