Do you lilac it? Summer must-haves!

Hello friends! 

So I am going to be a blogging person now! Or I will die trying. Seems to almost be a requirement these days...but I'm looking forward to getting jazzy and putting my personal opinion out there if it will potentially help someone enhance their style or inspire some ideas! So lets get down to the nitty gritty...SAND! Summer must-haves...GO! 

Obvi, I've been on a lilac kick for about two years now. I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel and I think I'm okay with that. 

Since I've made the move to Cali (yes, it happened in case you didn't know!) I've been on the hunt for the perfect swim suit I can strut my stuff down the Santa Monica boardwalk in without feeling like an insecure glob of emotion. And by Jove I finally found it! At Urban Outfitters no less! Unfortunately I don't have my Anthro/URBN discount anymore, even though I still secretly calculate the price in my head every time I shop now. This Out From Under two piece was my saving grace. Now if you know me/my body type, you know what I am blessed with in the booty is sadly not reflected in my chest...aka I'm a proud member of the IBTC (Urban Dictionary it...). This front clasped beauty fits my frame perfectly, and has a simple t-bar backed silhouette, and of course it's in my fave color. The matching lilac bottoms were sold out in my size, so I opted for the geometric patterned bottoms to make things CrRAzY. And the bottoms were on sale, so I'm pretty much in love, end of story. The lavender top doesn't seem to be available on the site, but it is in store. The bottoms are here

I have legit gone through two bottles of this OPI 'Do You Lilac It?' dream of a nail polish. TWO BOTTLES. I have never finished one whole bottle of nail polish in my entire life, so this is v impressive. Always get compliments when I'm wearing this shade, and looking down at my hand makes me so weirdly happy. Hooray manicures that make you feel things! Can be purchased at Ulta here

My bestie Kaitlin D turned me on to this life changing conditioner by Aussie. 3 Minute Miracle Color is just that... miraculous results in 3 mins or less. It is frighteningly cheap, but don't be scared by the price. I use it sparingly, only when my ends are starting to feel damaged or I used a lot of product that weekend. (Hehe it was just my bday!) It gives my hair that 'I just came from the salon feeling' without the whopping price tag. Scoop it at your local Walgreens or Walmart. Or any store with a 'Wal' in front of it! 

Since I have a theme of everything in my life being lilac/lavender/violet...why not add eyeliner to the list? This eye pencil from Sephora in 'No Shrinking Violet' is currently out of stock, but will fasho be brought back because it's killer. Waterproof, vibrant and made in Korea. What more could a person ask for? NOTHING. 

Do I really have to explain why I love this poof? IT IS A POOF. IN LAVENDER. It feels like my cat and was legit $6, compared to the dept stores' $40 poofs. Can only get it at this weird Q Fashion store in LA, so sorry friends. But if I like you enough I MIGHT score you one. 

Yoga is my (mostly only, trying to be a better Californian :\ ) source of exercise. The second we got an apartment with a sunny balcony, I couldn't wait to do some cat/cow on that shiiiiii. This mat was one of my first purchases after the move, and it couldn't have been a better decision. And hey guys guess what? LILAC STRIKES AGAIN. Pick it up at your Target while she's still on sale and get to down doggin! 

And that brings this violent I meant violet post to an end. Hope you all enjoyed! Comment with your summer faves and I'll tell you if you're wrong or not! lol jk bye