Hi! My name is Liz Clancy & I was born & raised in New Orleans, LA & the city has never left my blood. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising & have not stopped looking for the perfect pair of black high heels since. In my time in Richmond & Los Angeles, I have served as a creative and marketing director, product stylist, wardrobe stylist for commercials/film & a personal stylist at Anthropologie. Think Renaissance woman, but make it millennial.

There is nothing I enjoy more in this life than making others feel good about themselves, their product or their company. My goal in every endeavor is to elevate, because let’s be real, it can always be better.

My personal style is two parts Audrey Hepburn & one part 'Lydia Deetz' from Beetlejuice. I adore all things vintage & the only thing I love more than chocolate chip cookies is my fat cat Henry. Can’t wait to meet you!